Cuba Yacht Charter, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Varaderos

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Cuba offers a fascinating history and a diverse culture with a rich blend of African, American and European influences. Beaches, coconut palm trees and a large marine life incorporating different species of fish and types of coral, all enhance the beauty of this delightful island. During your yacht charter in Cuba you will have all year long a perfect sub tropical climate.

Diving and Fishing :
The coral reefs and cayos off the Cuban coast are among the most breathtaking snorkelling and diving destinations of the world. Whale Sharks can be seen off the Cuban coasts during Summer and also Marlins from May to September, as well as other game fish like Tarpons and Bone Fish.

Luxury Boat Rental in Cuba :
Boat rental in Cuba lets choose from different and variety of choices for your boat rental, you can get the one youíre looking for perfect for your vacation. Planning a gathering or a party? Then try yachts and catamarans for size. You can also try some water sports for adventure.

Passport / Visa :
US citizens must be licensed by the Department of Treasury in order to travel to Cuba, but travel to the country is strictly controlled and only select categories of travellers are able to obtain a licence. European Union citizens must have a valid passport. A visa is also required if the visitor does not have a Tourist Card. A Tourist Visa Card, costs around $25 and may be issued by travel agents or airlines for a single holiday trip of up to 30 days.

Provisioning :
Fish, fresh fruits and vegetables can be obtained on the inhabited islands while on your cruise, but a full provisioning should be done in advance of departure. Please contact us for provisioning details, diving equipment rental, transfers etc at least 1 month prior to departure.

Rent Catamaran in Cuba :
Looking for the best way to enjoy Cuba on your vacation? Then why not try renting out Catamaran on Cuba. With lots of space for family and friends, you can enjoy a great sea adventure without worrying of tight boats or overpopulating it. Itís even fully crewed and ready to assist youíre a for a fin great and relaxing vacation like not others.

Sailing conditions :
The keen eye of a skipper is the best navigation tool, even with todays electronics on board. He will recognise the different colours and levels in the water and will be able to guide his guests to view the very best of this fascinating underwater world. Even the latest navigation maps wont display the ever changing colourful coral life.

Sailing holidays in Cuba :
Time for bonding and relaxation! Enjoy your Sailing holidays in Cuba it is best place for relaxing and spend the holidays with fun and more. Try out some adventures cuba diving or hiking to create a memory youíll treasure and do again. Or if youíre the relaxing type, try cruising Cuba in boats or yachts or even catamarans with your family or friends.

South coast of Cuba : starting bases (from West to East) :
Yacht charter in Cienfuegos: Cienfuegos has a commercial harbour with a tourist marina very close to the European-style centre. The city is a hub of activity for shopping or just soaking up the Cuban culture. The city is dubbed the Pearl of the South.

Yacht charter in Trinidad : Discover Trinidad, a must seen, the historical city of Cuba, restored to its XVIth century apparel. Together with the nearby Valle de los Ingenios, it has been one of UNESCO's World Heritage !

The sailing areas from Trinidad and Cienfuegos incorporates the Canarreos Archipelago and the Juventud Islands to the west, or Jardines de la Reina Archipelago to the east, perfect playgrounds for yacht charters.

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Informations, Special offers

 Bareboats Cuba
sailing area
engines power
  Lagoon 410 Catamaran 12 / 39' 10 1.2 / 4' 89 / 157' 2 x 40
  Belize 43 Catamaran 13 / 43' 10 1.3 / 4' 111 / 196' 2 x 27
  Lagoon 440 Catamaran 14 / 46' 10 1.3 / 4' 71 / 125' 2 x 40
  Catana 47 OC Catamaran 16 / 52' 10 1.2 / 4' 177 / 312' 2 x 55
  Catana 41 OC Catamaran 13 / 43' 8 2.1 / 7' 113 / 199' 2 x 40
  Athena 38 Catamaran 12 / 39' 8 0.9 / 3' 80 / 141' 2 x 20
  Lagoon 380 Catamaran 11 / 36' 8 1.0 / 3' 77 / 136' 2 x 18

 Crewed Charter Cruises Cuba
  type of cruise
  Catlante 600 Catamaran 18 / 59' 14 Catlante   Boat + Crew
  Eleuthera 60 Catamaran 18 / 59' 10 Fountaine Pajot   Boat + Crew
  Eleuthera 60 Catamaran 18 / 59' 8 Fountaine Pajot   Boat + Crew
  Bahia 46 Catamaran 14 / 46' 8 Fountaine Pajot   Boat + Skipper