Saint Vincent and Grenadines Luxury Yacht Charter and Motor Boats

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The Grenadines lie south of St Lucia, north of Grenada. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is located in the southeast Caribbean about 90 NM west of Barbados. The Grenadines are comprised of roughly 30 islands and cays stretching south from St. Vincent. The Grenadines form the southern-most segment of the 400 NM long chain known as the Lesser Antilles which separates the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and links South America and Trinidad to Florida and North America.
Cruise the Grenadines from the capital of the Grenadines on St. Vincent and the nearby islands. It is a spectacular cruising area offering good winds and brisk, line-of-sight sailing perfect for all kind of yacht charter.

Boat rental in Saint Vincent for your holidays :
Spend your holidays now in Saint Vincent. If you are looking for great boat rental in affordable prices then we will provide you the best and perfect boat for you, so enjoy with your family or friends and enjoy a great relaxing vacation than just watching television. With great places to visit and sight see and enjoy the great sandy beaches.

Choose Luxury Boat rental Grenadines :
Planning a vacation on Grenadines? Partying? Gathering? Or just relaxation. You can choose from different boat rentals to enjoy what Grenadines has to offer. From catamarans and even yachts, you can choose the one you’ll need. It even has a full crew service with chef so all you and your part has got to do is relax and enjoy the vacation.

Diving :
The Grenadines have a large number of recognized and enthusiastic diving schools on St Vincent, Bequia and the Tobago Cays. Spectacular underwater seascapes include the wreck of Jonas on the eastern side of the Montezuma shoal, near Mustique and there are many drift dives, offering a changing panorama of soft corals, turtles, Creole wrasses and the occasional sighting of an eagle ray!.

Experience an adventure sailing holidays Grenadines :
Experience a great sailing holiday’s vacation in Grenadines. Experience one of the most exciting and adventurous or relaxing vacation now and get back to work with renewed self. From simple cruising the blue or diving into it to see the marine biodiversity or hiking or even touring Grenadines, you can have the great holiday vacation like no others.

Get Luxury Catamaran in Saint Vincent :
Start chartering Catamaran Saint Vincent and experience a great sailing adventure with no troubles and worries. Full crewed catamaran will help you enjoy and truly relax in your special vacation. They are ready to assist you and your group to enjoy. From cruising to water sports, you can enjoy it all.

Grenadines Catamaran on Rent :
Try Catamaran Grenadines and get to enjoy Grenadines with full crew, experience and professionals, you can get to enjoy everything and more without a wrinkle on your vacation. Feast your eyes to beautiful sandy beaches and rich tropical forests you won’t see anywhere other than in Grenadines.

Marina & starting point in the Grenadines :
Yacht charter in St Vincent
The Lagoon Marina, Blue Lagoon's base on the southern tip of the island, enjoys a delightful, protected anchorage, perfectly positioned for your yacht charter south and for land trips around St.Vincent. There is a swimming pool for a refreshing dip on shore before or after your charter and an excellent supermarket for provisioning.
You will find excellent French Creole cuisines throughout the Windwards. Seafood includes fresh local crab, lobster and conch, a large shellfish served from a barbecue or cooked in a delicious spicy sauce. Martinique rum is well known in the Caribbean and strongly recommended as the sun goes down - though beware - it is much more potent than its flavour suggests!
Provisioning can be done on arrival at the base, there is a mini-market on the dock, which offers a wide range of food items. Alternatively, provisioning can be arranged in advance with the goods waiting for you.
Take a day ashore and follow the foot trail along the windward coast, through banana and coconut plantations, to La Soufriére volcano, or on the leeward side, Trinity Falls can be reached by following the trail from Richmond.

Admiralty Bay, Bequia
In the Grenadines, Bequia is the main service center. Admiralty Bay, the island's natural harbor, will be your favorite anchorage during your yacht charter sailing vacation. Ashore there are panoramic hikes, perfect beaches and a picturesque town. The quaint waterfront of Port Elizabeth is lined with bars, restaurants and shops selling local crafts.

This is one of the most exclusive islands in the world, you will ever find during any yacht charter, frequented by royalty and rock stars alike. It is surrounded by coral, sandy beaches and coves. The hot spot of the island where yachtsmen mingle with the island dwellers, is Basil's Bar on Britannia Bay, the island's main harbour. The commercial heart of the island is simply a harbor and fishing village. There is a small general store, grocery and bakery. Swimming and snorkeling is good in the main anchorage of Britannia Bay.

Sail downwind to this hilly island and pick up one of the moorings off Tamarind Bay at the northern end. With a new airport and large resort on the cards for Canouan, it may not be a quiet island for long, but you should still visit what many consider to be the best beaches in The Grenadines on the eastern side of the island, protected by an extensive reef. Main anchorage is Charlestown Bay. Excellent walks and good beaches on the windward side. Good overnight anchorage, although can be occasionally rolly.

Tobago Cays
The Tobago Cays are a cluster of islets protected by a vast horseshoe reef, creating a multi-colored lake of green, blue, turquoise, brown and gold. You can sail, snorkel or explore the beaches in complete seclusion-a rare tropical paradise that can only be reached by boat. There are many superb anchorages and small sandy beaches to be found. Local boat vendors spend time in the Cays selling everything from ice, bread, and lobsters to jewelry. They are a friendly group of locals and are very accommodating if you need them to bring you ice or bread the next day.

Clifton Harbour, Union
Clifton, the bustling main port on Union Island, has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is the yachting centre of the southern Grenadines. Supermarkets and boutiques abound, and you can visit the collection of sharks in the pool at the Anchorage Hotel. You may want to stop for a drink or a meal here or in the more characteristic local bars and restaurants.

Sailing holidays in Saint Vincent :
Sailing holidays Saint Vincent isn’t just limited to cruising the great blue sea or bathing yourself on the beaches. You can also enjoy some great water sports like para sailing and scuba diving or try hiking for a change. Make a new change and enjoy your holidays bathing in the sun.

Yacht charter for Holidays in Grenadines :
Surround yourself with beautiful islands, natural tropical rainforests and sandy beaches and crystalline blue water at Grenadines. Visit Grenadines now and try Yacht Charter to get a full access to this wondrous natural reserve islands. Get full crewed yachts and boats to enjoy at its fullest without any worries and hassles.

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Informations, Special offers

 Bareboats St Vincent & Grenadines
sailing area
engines power
  Sun Odyssey 52.2 Monohull 15 / 49' 12 2.0 / 7' 120 / 212' 75
  Salina 48 Catamaran 14 / 46' 12 1.1 / 4' 136 / 240' 2 x 40
  Lagoon 500 Catamaran 16 / 52' 11 1.4 / 5' 160 / 282' 2 x 56
  Lagoon 440 Catamaran 14 / 46' 10 1.3 / 4' 71 / 125' 2 x 40
  Cyclades 50 Monohull 16 / 52' 10 2.0 / 7' 110 / 194' 100
  Sun Odyssey 43DS Monohull 13 / 43' 10 2.0 / 7' 80 / 141' 50
  Sun Odyssey 36i Monohull 11 / 36' 6 1.9 / 6' 63 / 111' 29

 Crewed Charter Cruises St Vincent & Grenadines
  type of cruise
  Poncin 82 Catamaran 24 / 79' 16 Catana   Boat + Crew
  Gulet GRS22 Monohull 22 / 72' 9 Turkish Gulet   Boat + Crew
  Catamaran 54' Catamaran 17 / 56' 8 Custom   Boat + Crew
  Nautitech 47 Catamaran 15 / 49' 8 Nautitech   Boat + Crew
  Leopard 48 Catamaran 15 / 49' 6 Robertson-Caine   Boat + Crew
  Bordeaux 60 Monohull 18 / 59' 6 Beneteau   Boat + Crew
  Bertram 60 Motoryacht 18 / 59' 6 Bertram   Boat + Skipper

 Luxury Yachts St Vincent & Grenadines
  Seadream MY 110 / 361' 112 1998 95
  Mia Elise MY 55 / 180' 10 Trinity 2005 9
  Lady Michelle MY 49 / 161' 10 Trinity 2007 9
  Alessandro SY 40 / 131' 10 Ruth Yachting, Turkey 2011 5
  Maitai SY 23 / 75' 9 Sunreef 74 2004 4
  Victoria 67 SY 20 / 66' 8 Fountaine Pajot 2014 3
  Cape Arrow SY 30 / 98' 8 Southern Wind 2011 2