Find Rental Boats and Yacht Charter at Saint Martin

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Saint Martin is another great vacation spot around the Caribbean. With good trade winds and nice blue sea waters and a short sailing distance to other great vacation spots such as Ile Pinel and Tintamarre, Anguilla or St Barth. Saint makes Saint Martin a perfect place to start and end a vacation trip.

Saint Martin is divided across the middle giving you two different cultures; the southern part is Dutch and the northern part French.

Itís a perfect place for yacht charter. With beautiful sandy beaches and friendly Eco-tourism will make your vacation trip worthwhile.

You can also shop around the island. There are also casinos and hotels and yacht charter to try.

Catamaran Saint Martin: Catamaran Cruising :
Finest luxury and relaxation only in Saint Martin! Enjoy a great adventurous vacation like no other while under a luxurious cruise in the Caribbean Sea inside catamaran. Saint Martin is a known tourist spot and perfect vacation spot that makes you forget all your worries and stresses in just a few relaxing cruises. Cruise now in luxury and enjoy your vacation with family and friends.

Diving :
Because the water around Saint Martin is clear and blue, it makes diving far more fun to do. You can easily see natural coral reefs formation and shipwrecks as well as unique and even endangered marine species.

Enjoy Sailing holidays I n Saint Martin :
This holiday season, cruise Saint Martin and have the best relaxing and even adventurous vacation like youíve never done before. With more than sandy beaches, enjoy scuba diving, fishing and even para sailing and fulfill all your vacation desires at Saint Martin. Or try just bathing in the warm weather of this island. Capture all your precious memories in camera, and sail your holidays here every year.

Luxury Boat Rentals at its Best in Saint Martin :
Saint Martin is known not only for its white sandy beaches and crystalline blue sea waters, but their great culture diversity and unique delicacies makes this island a perfect spot for vacationers and even tourists. Try renting out boats in Saint Martin to fully enjoy the experience. Cruise the Caribbean Sea, relax and enjoy the various activities you and your family and friends can enjoy.

Yacht Charter starting Saint Martin :
Oyster Pond Marina
Enjoy a full marina service with Oyster Pond Marina. Serving you a wonderful hotel, a fuel dock, laundry, bars and restaurants where you can sample local seafood as well as international dishes. They also accommodate yacht charter.

Anse Marcel
Enjoy a breezy sandy beach relaxation with Anse Marcel. Itís located in a cozy little harbor in the north of St Martin, next to the Marina Port de Lonvilliers. The shallow water is perfect for family vacation and outings. Children can enjoy swimming while parents can enjoy shopping and dine in restaurants.

Marigot Port La Royale
Marigot Port La Royale is another bustling marina in Saint Martin. Itís filled with many shopping districts, arcades and restaurant and bars.

Marigot Fort Louis
Marina Fort Louis is an upgraded shore to make sure they can protect the dock and yachts from swells. Itís connected directly to the sea where you can simply catch a Dutch yacht charter.

Simpson Bay
Indulge yourself to a full Dutch marina service at Simpson Bay. It has 120 slips accommodating yachts up to 60 meters, water, gas and diesel fuel, showers, provisioning, chandlery, laundry, convenience store, bars, restaurants, pool, tennis courts etc. it simply makes vacation more relaxing and fun.

Yacht Charter around Saint Martin
In this group of islands you will find a world of unparalleled variety, both ashore and at sea. Everywhere you go, you will find islands ranging from the serene to spectacular, and friendly people. Each island has its own unique culture. The heritage of European colonialism is very apparent, mixed with West Indian flair.

- Anguilla
The tiny island of Anguilla is a British colony. The island has miles of white beaches and coral reefs. The best snorkeling and diving can be found at Prickly Pear Cays. Anguilla is known for its strict rules regarding the number of passengers permitted on charter boats.

- St. Bart's
St. Bart's is a natural marine reserve and is an attractive destination for those who enjoy diving. St Bart's is often referred to as the St Tropez or Porto Cervo of the Caribbean. Gustavia will make you feel as though you stepped into south of France. Ile Fourche is a great spot for an overnight anchorage.

- St. Kitts & Nevis
Experience a secluded island in St. Kitts. With islands that are unspoiled and uncrowded you can simply indulge yourself to relaxing vacation and ambiance that invokes history and pure leisure. Nature lovers can also take a relaxing hike and walk on the unique lava formations, rainforests and lagoons. While Nevis offers complete leisure relaxation because only few people can visit here. It offers you unique connection to nature and Caribbean.

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 Bareboats Saint Martin
sailing area
engines power
  Salina 48 Catamaran 14 / 46' 12 1.1 / 4' 136 / 240' 2 x 40
  Leopard 4300 Catamaran 13 / 43' 10 1.3 / 4' 114 / 201' 2 x 40
  Catana 43 OC Catamaran 13 / 43' 10 1.2 / 4' 181 / 319' 2 x 40
  Cyclades 43.3 Monohull 13 / 43' 8 1.8 / 6' 82 / 145' 56
  Lagoon 450 Catamaran 14 / 46' 8 1.3 / 4' 134 / 236' 2 x 40
  Lagoon 380 Catamaran 11 / 36' 8 1.0 / 3' 77 / 136' 2 x 18
  Oceanis 41 Monohull 12 / 39' 8 1.3 / 4' 90 / 159' 40

 Crewed Charter Cruises Saint Martin
  type of cruise
  Trimaran 32M Catamaran 32 / 105' 20 Custom   Boat + Crew
  Leopard 6200 Catamaran 19 / 62' 8 Robertson-Caine   Boat + Crew
  Lagoon 440 Catamaran 13 / 43' 8 Lagoon Catamaran   Boat + Skipper
  Beneteau 57 Monohull 17 / 56' 7 Beneteau   Boat + Skipper
  Leopard 46 Catamaran 14 / 46' 6 Robertson-Caine   Boat + Crew
  Leopard 48 Catamaran 15 / 49' 6 Robertson-Caine   Boat + Crew
  Lagoon 440 (3 cabins) Catamaran 14 / 46' 6 Lagoon Catamaran   Boat + Crew

 Luxury Yachts Saint Martin
  Troyanda MY 50 / 164' 12 Feadship 2004 12
  Regina SY 56 / 184' 12 Turkish Gulet 2010 7
  Blue Note SY 18 / 59' 8 Privilege 615 2007 2
  Spiip SY 26 / 85' 6 CNB 86 2009 3
  Alpina SY 25 / 82' 6 Nautors Swan 2001 3
  Raven SY 25 / 82' 6 Oyster Marine 2012 3
  Sarita of Iken SY 25 / 82' 6 Oyster Marine 2005 3